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The M7

The M7. With every new trove of data comes a mountain of superlatives. Best talent. Best outcomes. Tops in the rankings. It’s safe to say if you receive acceptance to any of these top MBA programs, a fantastic career is all but a given. This is particularly true in recent years for students searching for roles at large Tech companies like FAANG.  

Although any M7 school will set you up for success in recruiting Tech, a few schools will prepare you better than others. You also must be prepared to network with bankers and consultants. Over 60% of your classmates at M7 schools will be hired in Consulting or Financial Services. 

Percentage of Students Accepting a Full-Time Offer in Technology (2020)

  1. Stanford GSB – 28% (Note: 31% of students not seeking employment) 
  2. Northwestern Kellogg – 28%
  3. MIT Sloan – 27.6%
  4. Chicago Booth – 20.7%
  5. Columbia – 19.8%
  6. Harvard (HBS) – 19%
  7. UPenn Wharton – 18.3% 

However, if you don’t secure a coveted spot in M7, all hope is not lost! Many of these schools report similar employment outcomes within the Tech industry as those further down the rankings. For instance, only a few decimals separate Northwestern’s Kellogg ‘% of Full-time Offers in Tech’ from the lower-ranked Duke Fuqua. 

B-Schools That Punch Above Their Weight Class

When you look beyond M7, you may not be surprised to find that schools that recruit well in Tech are, well, located in Tech hubs. From Duke Fuqua in North Carolina’s Research Triangle to Texas McCombs in Austin, TX, these schools provide endless amounts of networking opportunities to secure their classes coveted roles in Tech from Apple to Google to Unicorn startups each year. 

Percentage of Students Accepting a Full-Time Offer in Technology (2020)

  1. Washington Foster – 53%
  2. UC-Berkeley – 32.4%
  3. CMU Tepper – 31.4%
  4. UCLA Anderson – 31.8%
  5. Texas McCombs – 31.8%
  6. Duke Fuqua – 27%
  7. USC Marshall – 27% 
  8. Michigan Ross – 24.5%

In choosing your school list, make sure you keep your regional preferences in mind.

Unlike the M7, many of the schools above have strong geographical ties in recruiting. For instance, most Washington Foster graduates stay in Seattle and work for local giants Microsoft, Amazon, or Expedia. Berkeley, UCLA, and USC grads also tend to work at Tech hubs in California or on the West Coast.

If you plan to work in Tech on the East Coast post-graduation, definitely scour Employment Reports for schools like Duke Fuqua or Michigan Ross as they send students all over the country.

School's You Shouldn't Overlook

Technology recruiting fluctuates every year as incoming classes bring new career goals. The schools below may be still building their tech industry ties or simply had a recruiting year where most students worked elsewhere. That being said, many of these schools enjoy company visits from top MBA recruiters like Google and Amazon and are well-regarded in the industry. 

Percentage of Students Accepting a Full-Time Offer in Technology (2020)

  1. Georgia Tech Scheller – 32%
  2. Washington Olin – 29%
  3. Rice – 20.2%
  4. UNC Kenan-Flagler – 18%
  5. NYU Stern – 16.9%
  6. Emory Goizueta – 16%
  7. Cornell SC Johnson – 16%
  8. Dartmouth Tuck – 15%

Did I leave any out? Sound off in the comments!

Tech Havens

As Technology continues to seek qualified MBA candidates, Tech-focused MBA programs have continued to emerge at U.S. Business Schools. These programs offer unique curriculums and experiential learning opportunities. And… it’s working! The outcomes for these mostly 1-year programs rival many Top 2-year programs, especially for aspiring Product Managers. 

NYU Stern Andre Koo Tech MBA (1 -year) 

  • Product Management – 26.5%
  • Product Marketing Management – 14.7%
  • Strategy / General Management – 14.7% 

Johnson Cornell Tech MBA

  • Within Technology – 97%
  • Product Management or Product Marketing Management- 74%
  • Consultant / General Management – 26%


Did I leave any school out? Sound off in the comments!

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